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                               Tony Nelssen Scottsdale City Councilman


Tony Nelssen


Tony Nelssen


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Mr. Tony Nelssen was elected on March 14, 2006 to the Scottsdale City Council. He won the election with the highest number of votes.  Mr. Nelssen was seated on June 6, 2006.  He is proud to serve the people of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Mr. Nelssen's goal is to do the best job that he can. 

Know the issues concerning the residents of our city.  Information on current subjects can be found by clicking here.

Councilman Nelssen is providing this website to keep a source for open communications with his constituents.  Residents of the fine City of Scottsdale can telephone or email him to express their thoughts on an array of different subjects concerning the citizens of our city.

Take the time to attend your city council meetings.  You can click here to see current schedule.


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